HAVOLINE XLC - ANTIFREEZE, COOLANT (Concentrate & Pre-mixed)

High performance extended life antifreeze coolant:

  • Advanced non-depleting corrosion inhibitor technology promotes extended low maintenance service life.
  • Mixed fleet applications offer in excess of 650,000km service in trucks and buses, 250,000 km in passenger cars and 32,000 hours in stationary engines.
  • Promotes reliability and corrosion protection in thermostats, radiators, water pumps and other vulnerable cooling system components.
  • High performance silicate and phosphate-free formulation contributes to reliable hard water stability.
  • Aids high temperature corrosion protection in modern aluminium engines and helps reduce maintenance with increased uptime.
  • Advanced carboxylic additives promote environmental protection.

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Havoline XLC - Antifreeze, Coolant (Concentrate & Pre-mixed)